Dev Diary #3 The 3D Village

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Designing a web game is an ambitious undertaking but easily accessible. Bringing a web game to life and then developing it for nearly 10 years with the intention of continuing this for 10 more years, that’s more difficult. This is the case with Celsius Online and Renaissance Kingdoms, and such a success is only possible by closely associating an unwavering respect for the spirit of the original game with its evolution and continuous improvement.

For this, it is important to know how to listen to the gaming community and even go beyond its expectations: in 2009, when players loudly demanded the addition of “roads on the sea” or “sea nodes”, we implemented navigation, offering features and capabilities far more sophisticated and interesting than just simple roads on the water.

Listening to the player community is therefore essential, provided one does so without blinders: by looking at concrete proposals seen on the forums or heard IRL, by examining usage statistics on the various features of the game, and also by observing and understanding how game players take ownership of the game and enrich it.

This is what we did before designing what will be, when it is launched, the biggest innovation in of the game since its creation in 2004: a return to the basics of life in the Renaissance Kingdoms, giving a concrete reality to what players have already been creating themselves since the beginning: a property registry.

Le village 3D

This innovation is based on two pillars: management of the city (the property registry) and management of each character’s house.

The City Property Registry

Management of the city allows the mayor and his deputies to create, modify, and move buildings and decorations (trees, statues, monuments, etc.) as well as to lay out the avenues and streets of their city. The property registry as it has been conceived so far by players becomes reality: each character has his or her own specific address in his town and can see his/her house on the town screen.

Mairie 3D

Municipal buildings such as the town hall and the arena will also exist and will also be movable. In fact, no two villages in the Renaissance Kingdoms will be identical, and municipalities will be able to show the special character of their village to the world.

Homes and municipal buildings will not be the only elements on the town screen; we want to give life to every type of place such as taverns, mansions, and blocks of flats; you will be able to view the ships in port, meet your neighbours in the street, share a house with your spouse …


The Renaissance Kingdoms already have an extremely rich universe thanks to its community; we want to give players the means to make daily life in a village at the dawn of the renaissance more vivid and absorbing.

Customizable Homes

The other main pillar is on the house and garden. If the management of the city is reserved to elected officials, that of each house is dedicated to its owner and is based on the social evolution of the character. From your level 0 dump to your large level 4 villa, you will be able to choose your home, its location, and its development.

Create furniture or decorations in your shop or buy them on the market from other players. Place them in your home according to your taste, everything will be customizable. From the surfaces of your walls to the soil around the well in your garden, place, move, rotate every object as you like and create your own home.

Maison pour niveau 1

You will be able to let other characters visit or give duplicate keys to some of your friends. And beyond aesthetics, your home will become your new “My property” screen. Clicking a chest will open your inventory, your wardrobe will be at your fingertips, your butcher shop in a private room at the back of your house will give you a very different idea of what your job is.

All these are only examples of what you can expect this year. The possibilities are endless and we look forward to launching this major development.

We wish to share the progress of the « Village 3D » update with you, so you can expect several Dev Diary postings on the details of this innovation during its development, where you can give your opinions and ideas to our team, as well as at least one web-radio broadcast with our staff listening to your questions.

Taverne 3D

Finally, because we know that each player is unique and that there is no consensus without compromise, be aware that all of these new features will remain optional. With a single click you will be able to completely disable the « 3D Village » and stay on the current version.

We are aware that this Dev Diary brings more questions than answers: your questions will be partly answered in the comments thread (below), but more fully in future announcementss and in blog posts on the village 3D yet to come.


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    posté le 26 mars 2013 @ 13 h 12 min

    Vous vous êtes inspirés des graphismes de Settlers IV les 10 ans ? Car les bâtiments sont vraiment très ressemblants 😉

  2. avatar

    posté le 26 mars 2013 @ 13 h 31 min

    Vous voulez dire que eux se sont inspirés des bâtiments déjà présents sur nos illustration de 2004 que nous avons modélisée en 3D 🙂

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    posté le 26 mars 2013 @ 13 h 37 min

    Ca j’en serais pas si certain ^^ Blue Bie Software et son projet Settlers a 20 ans déjà 😀

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    posté le 15 avril 2013 @ 21 h 22 min

    heureux de vivre toute les évolutions de celsius ^^
    Il manque plus que la délocalisation des soirées anniversaires plus proche de chez moi et ce sera parfait !

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    posté le 17 mai 2013 @ 5 h 08 min

    excusez mon français, je suis hispanophone, mais j’ai un peu de doute, mais comprise, sera la vision 3D en option, je pose cette question parce que je l’adore ce jeu de loin, dans la jungle de l’Amazonie, du Venezuela, et que l’Internet pas la meilleure, donc ma question est, sera très lourd que 3D Vision?


    English version

    excuse my French, I am Spanish-speaking, but I have a little doubt, though understood, will be optional 3D vision, I ask this because I’m loving this game from afar, in the jungle of the Amazon, Venezuela, and as the internet not the best, so my question is, will be very heavy that vision 3d?

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    posté le 17 mai 2013 @ 5 h 15 min

    J’ai oublié de dire: que l’innovation est incroyable! Vraiment, Celsius en ligne créé les 3 meilleurs jeux que j’ai pu expérimenté, juste, vous êtes le meilleur
    I forgot to say: THAT INNOVATION IS AMAZING! Really, Celsius Online created the 3 best games I might have experienced, just, you are the best

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    posté le 14 août 2013 @ 9 h 55 min

    Bravo pour cette future mise en place

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