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Although some players would like the Celsius Online team to work day and night developing new features for their favorite games, members of the Celsius team sometimes take time to rest. For that, there’s nothing better than a Celsius Game Night! Celsius Game Nights are events organized about once a month in the Celsius premises for the team to spend some good times together around boardgames.

So, reluctantly, Charles-Edouard (Brennos) and Gary (Le0ben) put aside their concerns about players in distress for a few moments, the developers forget about the new features and bugs that need fixing, and the designers leave their pencils.

Everyone ends up in the main room, meeting live the people they have been messaging with for several hours (or days, depending on the case [sic]). Now, let us pass a little time at one of these nights …

…which begins with … a difficult step: determining which game we play. Of course, many people have brought in games. Sylvain (Greewi), a big fan of cooperative and semi-cooperative games, has brought a whole host of games of that sort. Lévan, who prefers strategy games, has come with several… with an average playing time of 10 hours. Guillaume (Corbeaunoir) has brought games that need at least a dozen players to be interesting. Assuming that we have only a few hours and that only 9 people were able to come, we eventually move towards a cooperative game, to the great disappointment of Yann-William who would rather lay into his colleagues than ally with them.

Brennos, CorbeauNoir, Greewi et Marjorie en pleine partie

Brennos, Corbeaunoir, Greewi and Marjorie playing



Sylvain (Greewi) begins enthusiastically explaining the rules of the chosen game, The Saboteur. Simply put, this is a game where players assume roles as dwarves, and try to find gold nuggets by following a path through a mine. Saboteurs, however, have blocking the dwarves as their goal.

  • 1st minute: Sylvain explains the rules.
  • 3rd minute: Laura returns from the bathroom, Sylvain again explains the rules.
  • 10th minute: Everyone thinks they understand the rules. Sylvain then distributes the cards.
  • 11th minute: Levan, Yann-William and Guillaume read their cards, and ask Sylvain to explain the rules again.
  • 15th minute: the game starts (finally!).
  • 16th minute: Levan tries to cheat by drawing two cards.
  • 18th minute: Guillaume tries to hinder the blue team dwarves.
  • 20th minute: Yann-William unwittingly helps Laura by playing a card whose effect he did not know. Sylvain re-explain some of the rules.
  • 23rd minute: Gary notes we are taking turns counterclockwise, contrary to what Sylvain explained in the rules.
  • 24th minute: Levan tries to cheat by placing two cards.
  • 26th minute: Guillaume continues to hamper the blue team dwarves.
  • 28th minute: Levan tries to cheat by looking at one of the cards placed face-down on the table.
  • 31st minute: Arthur notes that the path the dwarves are following goes in the opposite direction to their goal.
  • 34th minute: Levan offers to exchange a card with Yann-William. Sylvain says that isn’t within the rules.
  • 36th minute: Guillaume again hinders the blue team dwarves.
  • 37th minute: Laura builds her third dead end in the path carved out by the dwarves.
  • 38th minute: Gary is surprised to see that Levan has 6 cards in his hand instead of five.
  • 40th minute: Yann-William helps the blue team dwarves, playing a card without knowing what it does. But it was Sylvain who forgot to explain the effect of that card.
  • 42nd minute: Sylvain says that the game is over, and then tries to determine the winner.
  • 43th minute: Sylvain says Yann-William is the winner. Yann-William then discovers that he was on the dwarves’ side, Guillaume realizes he was on the blue team all along, and Levan doesn’t understand why he didn’t win.

Finally, everyone helps Sylvain put the game away, while thinking about the next game, which will be played the same way …

I hope you have enjoyed this article, and, as a conclusion, I feel like saying « Fluct merginas obnes ». That doesn’t mean anything but I like the sound of it to conclude this article!

(Thanks to Bandana for the translation of this article)


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    posté le 30 mai 2013 @ 16 h 11 min

    Brennos look like carrot 😀

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    posté le 2 juin 2013 @ 14 h 56 min

    Well, have you considered Dominion (expandable up to 6 or more players, but for your own sake, don’t do this with more than 6) or Ankh Morpork (4 players and my favorite at the moment), Agricola, Bohnanza, Ohne Furcht und Adel (a similar game would be Mad Zeppelin, which I prefer, but like both), WhiteChapel (a kind of Scotland Yard, but Jack TR has to kill the prostitutes on his way), Ruhm für Rom (I don’t know the English name), Siedler, Eclipse (if you have hours time ^^)?

    Maybe some input for next time…

  3. avatar

    posté le 2 juin 2013 @ 14 h 58 min

    Ah well, and Thunderstone!

  4. avatar

    posté le 3 juin 2013 @ 14 h 39 min

    Well, here’s someone who sure knows boardgames! We’ve already played to Agricola here and I have already played to Ankh Morpork and Eclipse. I find this last one not that long, especially compared to some similar games like Twilight Imperium or Civilization. 🙂

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    posté le 19 juin 2013 @ 23 h 56 min

    Civ on PC, not as a boardgame here. Have you played Eclipse with Expansions? About TI I have to ask the store owner of our confidence.
    Another one would be Puerto Rico, of the same inventor who made Agricola.

    And yes, I LOVE boardgames. Not exactly Eclipse, I have to confess.

  6. avatar

    posté le 20 juin 2013 @ 8 h 57 min

    No, I’ve played Eclipse without expansions. Puerto Rico was one of the first boardgames I’ve played and it’s a very good one. We’re having a Celsius Game Night tonight and we’ll probably play Bang and other party games. 🙂

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