Retour sur la soirée anniversaire des 9 ans

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Samedi 5 octobre, nous fêtions les 9 ans de Celsius online et des Royaumes Renaissants et, comme chaque année, la fête n’était possible qu’à l’occasion d’une grande IRL. Revenons en images sur cette soirée pleine de surprises !













À l’entrée du restaurant engoncé dans les belles pierres de taille de l’ancien Viaduc de Paris, des Admin en forme accueillaient les joueurs à leur arrivée, ici 3D Girl alias Necate, March of History Guy alias Greewi, Medicineman alias Powerzazou et enfin le Trophies Guy alias Monocyclus. (more…)

Feedback on the nine year anniversary party

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Version française ici – French version here

On Saturday, October 5, We were celebrating the 9 year anniversary of Celsius online and of Renaissance Kingdoms, as usual, with a big IRL party. Check those images of this evening which was full of surprises!













At the entrance of the restaurant surrounded by the magnificent dressed stones of the former viaduct of Paris, the following admins were welcoming the players. You can see here 3D Girl aka Necate, March of History Guy aka Greewi, Medicineman aka Powerzazou and Trophies Guy aka Monocyclus.

At cocktail hour, a crucial choice had to be made…




















Play some board games together…













… or watch a show of « Live Role Play », theatrical improvisation scenes played on themes chosen by players. Here, the four actors of « Drôles de Cailles » have imagined stories as creative as the wars between France and Brittany, with Levan as a two-head dragon or friends met on Internet and having a weird love for leather… Congratulations again to the players who joined them on stage!














Between two drinks and a lot of heated discussions on prestige, mines and a thousand of other subjects, Greewi was able to introduce March of History to the guests on a big screen to present the game in a more detailed way. For those who are looking forward to play it, the game will be available in 2013!








After that, we increased our strength, intelligence and charisma…
















… during a feast which was blessed by a true aristotelician, the irreplaceable abbey Bardieu of Noirlac accompanied by the hair splitting theologian and archbishop Aristokolès!



Needless to say that people ended being very happy and « smooooth » that day!













Once our stomachs were full and our minds excited, JWD presented to the assembly the 3D Renaissance Kingdoms that you have discovered since then! Computers were available for the players who wanted to customize an interior, the map of a town or discover the new crafts which have been created for this new feature.



Exploiting the fact that religious people had drunk a bit too much, a magician showed his art from table to table, impressing the audience with his skills. Screams of joy and excitement could be heard!


The albums of the new 3D Renaissance Kingdoms were put to good use to write inscriptions and kind words to each other. Thanks to all of the participants and see you soon for the 10th year anniversary!