New Year’s Resolutions from the Celsius online team!

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Much like everyone else, the members of the Celsius online team make good resolutions at the beginning of a new year. We have a lot of new stuff coming your way in 2014, dear players, so they have to be up to standard!

Charles-Édouard aka Brennos

New year’s resolutions from Brennos :

– Prepare an unforgettable 10 year anniversary of Celsius online and Renaissance Kingdoms.
– Democratize the fact of wearing sexier braces by setting an example.
– Go clean up the remains of the characters who have jumped from the cliff during the last quest and have crashed into the sand of the mysterious beach …

Guillaume aka Corbeaunoir

New year’s resolutions from Corbeaunoir :

– Convince more players to send chocolates to the team.
– Stop crushing everybody when playing March of History.
– 1920 x 1080.
– Stop making good resolutions.

Arthur aka Docjackal

New year’s resolutions from Docjackhal :

– Stop being eaten alive by his own cat.
– Stop tangling the wire of his headset in his chair legs.
– Defend to the very end the developer room by using his desktop missile-launcher turret.

Kevin aka DRAga

New year’s resolutions from DRAga :

– Never bring incredibly strong home alcohol again at the office.
– Find a screwdriver to build the Christmas present offered by Nikosh.
– Provide a profile picture for the « Team » page of the blog at last.

Sylvain aka Greewi

New year’s resolutions from Greewi :

– Have Have a less slippery finger.
– Bring back home samples from Duna.
– Try haskell.

Charles aka IzileDur

New year’s resolutions from IzileDur :

– Make the IRL Brittany independant in 2014 almost without bloodbath.
– Be kind to the infidels.
– Encourage Le0ben to become a poet.

Mathias aka jdw

New year’s resolutions from JDW :

– Collect even more Poke-developers.
– Win a game of Jungle Speed.
– Get better at quoting obscure movies.

Julie tout court

New year’s resolutions from Julie :

– Impress the whole team by subduing the printer which is terrorizing it.
– Stop accusing DRAga to take her stuff.
– Not forget the Red Bull anymore in the shopping list.

Thomas aka Kaiymu

New year’s resolutions from Kaiymu who has just joined the team:

– Remember everybody’s names.
– Get a loyalty card for the « Black Dog ».
– Become a JAVA/IOS expert in two weeks!
– Get even better than JDW at quoting obscure movies.

Gary aka Le0ben

New year’s resolutions from Le0ben :

– Never spill water on his laptop anymore, ESPECIALLY THE ONE USED FOR WORK.
– Arrive earlier each morning, as the helpdesk can’t wait!
– Not to be so gullible in games of March of History.

Marjorie aka Mwoaa

New year’s resolutions from Mwoaa :

– Make even more beautiful 3D objects to amaze the players.
– Eat 5 fruits and veggies each day.
– Win the Pokemon French championships.

Laura aka Nécate

New year’s resolutions from Nécate :

– Stop picking her nose in public.
– Stop frightening Powerzazou by showing him scary movies.
– Visit less often the Bonjourlechat website.

Nicolas, aka nikosh

New year’s resolutions from Nikosh :

– Stop waiting for 2 o’clock in the morning to feel truly inspired.
– Increase the accuracy of his kicks in the foam ball to hit a lamp/the door/the head of a coworker.
– Go to the hairdresser at least twice in 2014.
– Visit less often the Bonjourmadame website.

Vincent aka Powerzazou

New year’s resolutions from Powerzazou :

– Stop playing Diablo 2.
– Seriously, dude, just stop playing Diablo 2.

Yann-William aka Yann

New year’s resolutions from Yann-William :

– Spell his first name correctly.
– Eat shrimps, crabs, toasts and crumble.
– Stop spilling ink on his computer.
– Join Dancing with the stars.

Do we need to introduce Levan?

New year’s resolutions from Lévan :

– Improve his handwashing by following these steps:
– Wet hands with water;
– Apply enough soap and handwash to cover all hand surfaces;
– Rub hands palm to palm;
– Right palm over the other hand with interlaced fingers and vice versa;
– Palm to palm with fingers interlaced;
– Backs of fingers to opposing palms with fingers interlocked;
– Rotational rubbing of left thumb clasped in right palm and vice versa;
– Rotational rubbing, backwards and forwards with clasped fingers of right hand in left palm and vice versa;
– Rince hands with water;
– Dry thoroughly with towel. Duration of procedure: At least 15 seconds;

By the way, what are YOUR New Year’s resolutions? Let us know by writing comments at the bottom of the article!

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  1. avatar

    posté le 28 février 2014 @ 4 h 30 min

    My Resolutions (which I am living up to):

    1) Stop trying to break the admin panel on the forums.

    2) Tell other Forum Adminstrators to not break the admin panel of the forums before I can geta chance to.

    3) Fix various issues on the forums.

    4) Be (slightly) more polite and caring in dealing with issues brought to me via PM or otherwise.

    5) Re-vamp the archiving of posts and topics about to be purged so they are ‘saved’ rather than heading directly to the void of the forums.

    6) Become a better Adminstrator in general.

    7) Refreshner up on PHP/SQL, C#, C++, Redhat, Citrix & Ubuntu.

    8) Fix the other servers I have in my studio

    9) Try not to pull out my hair in dealing with fixing those servers -and in general-

    10) Have more peaceful afternoons/nights

    11) Leave the office before 7pm each night to head home and adminster the Shogun Kingdoms Forums.


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