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dans english blog posts — Le0ben le 7 mars 2014 à 15 h 40 min

French version available here

No need to try and hide it, everybody is talking about it (in the last edition of the French magazine « JVMag » for instance): a developer of Celsius online has won the last Parisian Global Game Jam with the Kaw-Eye game!

– So what?

– Well, first, winning something is cool.

– Ok, but what is a Global Game Jam?

– It’s kind of like a mad scientist experiment: lock up teams of videogame enthusiasts in a room for a whole weekend and ask that each of these teams make a brand new video game from scratch with nice graphics, music and an interesting gameplay.

– And that’s it?

– Not quite, Arthur, aka Docjackhal, was a member of the team which has won the contest. Docjackhal is a programmer who has worked a lot on the 3D of the Renaissance Kingdoms and who is used to this kind of challenges. And he has also done the music of the game!

– Can we play his game?

– Yes, you can play it online by clicking here or download it there!

And for those of you too lazy to play, here is a review (in French, sorry!) of the blogger Sad Panda:

As well as the report made by Jeuxvideo.com on this Global Game Jam 2014 which ends with the interview of Arthur and his teammates who work for the Bulkypix studio.



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