Memories of the first 10 years of Renaissance Kingdoms

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Well, two weeks ago I promised a blog post each week. It was ambitious since we are working on a lot of things right now. (Check back Monday for something small but new!) That doesn’t stop me from reiterating my promise for the coming weeks and swearing it’s the last time I’ll be late, like a drunk who swears he’ll stop after one drink or a politician who swears he’s changed.

I have even less excuse that I have not written much here. In this post nine members of the current Celsius team (who will be put onto the updated list that can be found here, I promise) were prepped with the instructions: Describe one of your memories of Renaissance Kingdoms » (RP, irl, whatever). Some recounted a memory as players (sometimes before being hired), others memories as administrators.

Charles-Édouard alias Brennos


When I created my first character in 2005, episkopos (of medium strength), I wanted to play an inquisitor and the first thing I saw unfold before my eyes was a dispatch from the AAP (now called the KAP, RK’s virtual press agency): « Cardinal Lescure imprisoned in Normandy » and « Cardinal Lescure murdered in prison. » Then I discovered the existence of a crusade against those Normans who supported the Phookaiste heresy (a messiah who baptized converts in Calvados brandy!) And then I put my finger on all the possibilities offered by the game, and my passion for this game and playing the role of a religious madman has never fallen!

Mathias alias jdw


I remember the loss of the Montpellier castle while I was the count. That was in 2007, under the name of Phelipe de Saunhac. £350,000 were lost due to a constable who had forgotten to pay the guards. D:

Charles alias IzileDur


I remember the creation of the Duchy of Brittany in 2005 with a handful of players, because we wanted a place where roleplay identity would take precedence over mere political struggle. I remember years of shared memories around our creations, our stories and our real-life encounters. This didn’t stop the political struggles and betrayals that said … This is how the game goes, you poor dear!

Levan, who needs no introduction


I remember around 2005 or 2006 being woken several times at night by phone calls from LongJohnSilver. I should explain that every day around 4 am, French time, a game reset occurs that advances the RK world. (This is less true today, when many actions are unsynchronized). Some operations performed automatically by the servers at this time are sufficiently critical that unforeseen problems can halt the reset and the game becomes completely blocked – inaccessible to players – until the problems are identified and corrected. LongJohnSilver, who was working in the United States during that period and was therefore awake at that time, would notice the problem and then would call me. (He usually waited until the 5 or 6 am mark to give me a little more sleep, which was very nice of him, because I’m not a short sleeper!) I remember that at the sound of the phone I would awake with a start, immediately realize the reason for the call, throw myself over the bed (and eventually over the lady by my side), leap down from the wooden mezzanine which, in the tiny studio I was renting, allowed me to gain valuable space, and pick up the phone while, aided by an adrenaline rush, was already trying to put in place working hypotheses to explain the problem.

Today, these incidents are extremely rare (and LongJohnSilver is no longer at Celsius). But when I wake up at night and I look at the time on my radio alarm clock, even in the mists of half-sleep, my first thought always goes to a mental division of the night based on the fateful hour of 4 am: either it’s before the 4 am reset or after. Beyond 4:45, at the latest, everything must be in order. Otherwise my day will start earlier than expected …

Marjorie alias Mwoaa


It was a year ago when I discovered RK and I threw myself into raising pigs … It took a week before I realized that without a knife, you couldn’t slaughter a pig. But then that’s part of the cost of sausage.

Gary alias Le0ben


It was during the official real-life 8 year anniversary party in 2012 that I made my first direct contact with RK players. I remember being enchanted by their infectious enthusiasm for the game and a little surprised by the wide age range of the players. Players are passionate about RK, from ages 10 to 80! A memory par excellence.



I don’t remember anything, I was too petite : ‘(

Guillaume alias Corbeaunoir


I remember that in July 1457, after the fall of the Montpellier castle, I was in Lodeve a day’s walk from Montpellier. The mayor of Lodeve at the time, 1000Dread, had organized two groups to set on the roads to try to catch the brigands who had attacked the castle, in order to recover the money. For security, we took the contents of the Town Hall coffers. I remember having 999 pounds. I don’t remember nabbing any brigands, unfortunately …

Sylvain alias Greewi


I remember in the summer of 2012 one of my colleagues posted, by mistake, a file that I was working on. This caused some bugs in the game and so I stepped in to solve the problem. The situation returned to normal. Our dear Brennos had the bright idea of specifying in the announcement that my « finger had slipped. » You took this idea and created, for me, a forum avatar, signature and even, with Brennos’s complicity, a portrait and a title of nobility for my character. See my character sheet to view the damage: http://www.lesroyaumes.com/FichePersonnage.php?login=greewi.

That’s all for this week! Perhaps we’ll post more Celsius memories later.

And you, do you have any favourite recollections of RK from 2004 to 2014?

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    posté le 17 octobre 2014 @ 14 h 51 min

    I remember the british invasion of france, and meeting the culprits/heroes in the green bush inn in chard

    I remember becoming a level 2 priest in June 2006. I also remember no further development in church way since then!

    I remember travelling to the roman forums and thinking Oh My Jah its all in french.

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