Renaissance Kingdoms is 10 years old!

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French version of this text written by Lévan is available here

RK is 10 years old! When was it created? That’s difficult to say, since for its birthday we could use the date the first line of code was written, the date the first player registered, the date of the alpha or beta versions, or …

The first player, logically, was me, and « Levan »‘s account was created August 20, 2004. (See
http://www.RenaissanceKingdoms.com/FichePersonnage.php?login=levan). We could, therefore, date RK starting with that event. Why, then, write this blog entry now, when there hasn’t been one since March?

The answer is simple: we have been and are more focused on the future than on the past. Right now there is a lot of work for us to do, on both Renaissance Kingdoms and our other games (we must write more about this later), but just the same we are soon going to give in to our nostalgic feelings.

But first, some facts.

  • First: A large IRL 10th anniversary party will be held on November 15th 2014. The exact location is not set yet, but it will be in Paris and will be even better than last year’s party.
  • Second: JDW posted a note 4 years ago about the graphic evolution of RK between 2004 and 2010, viewable here. That leaves 4 years of our 10 still to be covered, and between 2010 and 2014, there were a lot of changes!
  • Third: Celsius Online will be present at the upcoming Paris Games Week. If you’re going, be sure to visit us at our booth!
  • Fourth: Celsius online will be present at the upcoming editionsera présente à la prochaine édition du Salon Fantastique from Friday, October 31, to sunday, November 2. If you are coming, please visit the booth of our partner Elenya éditions.
  • Fifth: As last year, we will be sponsors and co-organizers (in a small way) of the next European Indie Game Days (EIGD), a series of days devoted to independent European games, to be held in Montreuil. This year Celsius Online will contribute the prize for Best Student Game.
  • That’s all for this mini-post. I really want to write one per week on the theme of 10 years of RK. They may have these titles, roughly:

    • The origins of the game
    • A memorable recollection from the Kingdoms. (Each member of the Celsius team will contribute a bit, RP, OOC, it won’t matter).
    • The beginnings of RP
    • The introduction of medicine to the game
    • Coming features: Because there are many things underway that will appear in the coming months!

    Are you thinking of something more? What were you doing August 20, 2004 when I created my little RK character?

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