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Celsius online wishes you a wonderful new year. May 2016 be beautiful, happy and fun in every way!

In 2015, we have worked a lot on several projects, including Celsius Heroes which is our first cross-platform game (web, Facebook, iOS and Android). It is currently being tested in France and will be released worldwide soon (we’ll keep you posted about it). We have invested a lot of time and effort in this game and we plan to reuse the new technologies and processes we have developed in the near future.

The choice of allocating a lot of our resources to this new game may have given to some of you the impression that our current games (Renaissance Kingdoms, March of History, Shogun Kingdoms, Native Kingdoms) were deglected. This is not the case, not for a single one of them. March of History is already getting some much needed backup in order to fix bugs and add new features to the game. As for Renaissance Kingdoms, it is our top priority.

As you know, Renaissance Kingdoms has a large and loyal community but getting new players into the game is not easy. There is a simple reason for that: mobile media has introduced new practices where players have access to simple, intuitive and highly addictive games. On the contrary, starting to play Kingdoms (try and remember how it was!) is often complex and disconcerting; there are a lot of effort to be made in order to discover how deep the game is!

Moreover, players want to play more and more on mobile devices: RK is one of the biggest web-based games and did not lose any « market share », but web-based games carry less weight than before. Most players (including most of those who are reading this) play on mobile. And let’s be honest here: RK’s « mobile version » is far from optimal (to say it mildly).

In 2016, we have decided to work on a big project that is currently called « Return to the Kingdoms ». Its concept can be summed up in one sentence: make Renaissance Kingdoms, as it was the case a few years back, one of the major games in Europe – on the web, as well as on mobile and tablet devices.


Ideas everywhere during a meeting about « Return to the Kingdoms »

The post it about ponies is a joke.

In order to achieve this, we have defined three main lines:

  • Add new features to the game, and notably to its web-based version;
  • Improve the experience on mobile and tablet devices;
  • Add new features on mobile and tablet devices which will allow new players to discover the depth and the RP of the game. We want the game to be more intuitive, immediate and rewarding for newcomers.

Make no mistake about it: the current, web-based game, that you are playing daily, will be maintained and enhanced with additional features. Another game, on mobile and tablet devices, will bring even more new features and will strongly influence the way the game is played. This will be the greatest improvement to the game since its creation.

Happy New Year 2016!


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    posté le 25 janvier 2016 @ 23 h 20 min

    Bring me back my account to keep trolling, [censored].

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    posté le 26 janvier 2016 @ 0 h 37 min

    Bring Taverns Mobile Pleaseeeee!!!

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    posté le 26 janvier 2016 @ 10 h 15 min

    Bravo! So it’s great that the game will continue and not fall into oblivion. It would, however, start to retain current players, to support them in the forum, send an answer sooner than 6 months after their request, and a moderate campaign and do a slow-efficient improvements continuously, simply pay attention to the game.

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    posté le 26 janvier 2016 @ 13 h 56 min

    Yes, we have in mind to bring new players on Web version too 🙂

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    posté le 26 janvier 2016 @ 13 h 59 min

    My Nick is Buri and I’m form Kinghdom of Poland.

    Just wanna let you know ,,good job with this game, i think it have a spark inside can be really good one »
    And also, in my opinion: (let me know if you dont undestand, names can be diffrent in my translation) :
    I’m only lvl 5 at the moment but game need some upgrades,fixs,repairs.
    – Bars(Taverns) when is 10 people inside everyone talking this same time, you just dont understand whats going on 😛 (maybe better talk screen or somthing)
    – When you are new to the game is very hard to find out what is where (people from city are awsome helpers but not always they online) maybe you want to do ,,AI -knight » who will say to new people in a game how to do stuff where to go and how (its like this list with things to do but someone will show you how to do things for start)
    – and the worst thing « forum ». I have to say i hate it.
    first time i go there i was confiused cant find anything and dont know whats going on (still cant find anything :P) . i think first time when i wanted find somthing i spend 4h ! Four hours and i dont find it. Most of posts are old or explain old version of game (difrent lvl etc.). And i didnt find Topics about old things new thind etc. In English language from You. If You will write somthing like that on forum other cuntries can translate it to their language (i mean,,guidebooks »). Beacouse You did this game soo You know for shure what happend if…..

    -Everything what i said is my opinion only, didnt wannt to say bad things, only want to help you.
    I wish you all best and wanna say thank You for GOOD JOB to all of You.

    Sicerently, Buri

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    posté le 26 janvier 2016 @ 14 h 03 min

    Ahh yes one more thing
    -when you play on mobile , you can’t place things from your inventory to your house you can move and rotate but can ,,place »
    and can’t go inside to Tavern (on mobile chrome)
    cheers, Buri

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    posté le 27 janvier 2016 @ 14 h 27 min

    Thank you for your feedbacks 🙂 !

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    posté le 2 mai 2016 @ 19 h 07 min

    Hey Im from the German RK

    -It would also be good to be abel for new players to customize there characters. I mean ist not so great that u just get some random character you maybe don’t even like.

    -And it would also be good if there where better translations. I often have French signs poping up or just in between the text and I don’t get that at all since I never lernt any French.

    Thanks to you.

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    posté le 18 octobre 2016 @ 22 h 56 min

    Been playing since about 2008, but I no longer have a computer. Is there any plug-in I can download from the Google play store for Android to run the taverns? I’ve tried chrome, browser, and Mozilla Firefox to no avail 🙁

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    posté le 26 octobre 2016 @ 12 h 55 min

    @Sadie : sorry but there is no app for taverns, but an app will come in 2017 🙂

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