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In 2004, We released Renaissance Kingdoms and  today, I’m very glad to tell you more about a new project we announced in January: Return to the Kingdoms.

Return to the Kingdoms is Renaissance Kingdoms’ future. It includes many features, both on web and mobile devices. Some of these features have been released today, and the next ones will be spread out on several months, up to summer 2017.


An Online Roadmap to Keep Track of Upcoming New Features

What’s new is that you’ll be able to follow the state of the development of each feature thanks to an online roadmap. You will find there the schedule of online releases as well as every details about the various features which are in development. This will allow you to keep track of upcoming new features. You’ll also be able to suggest changes and improvements that we will then consider before implementing them in the roadmap, via the operation called « Feed the Roadmap! » (read more about it at the end of the article).

You’ve often told us that we did not communicate enough about what we were doing and what we were working on in Renaissance Kingdoms, and I think You were right about it.

With this roadmap, you’ll know everything. And for each important step of this project, we will collect your suggestions and we will tell you in videos the ones we will implement, the ones we won’t, and the reasons why.


Here are the 5 main areas in « Return to the Kingdoms »

First, there will be many improvements picked in the « Comments & suggestions » forum in RK. Indeed, some of them are online right now and you can go and check them on the Roadmap and any evolution of the Roadmap will be notified via the « News » tab of the village screen, which has just appeared in-game.

Second, we will release two new in-game big features: Family Clans and the Church.


Family Clans



Since the creation of Renaissance Kingdoms 12 years ago, the relationships between its characters have always been a vital part of the game, whether those relationships are about love, family, politics, economy… This is why, since the beginning of the game, players often regroup in the Kingdoms, and the families, whether they are aristocrat or not, are some of the most played and popular groups created by the players.

We have decided that it was more than time for us to take this into account in the game to make those kind of links even more clearer and important for already existing groups, but also to offer you exciting new features.

The Family Clans will not be limited to blood relationships: a family clan can include characters with no blood relationship with the others, this is not mandatory.

We will also present you at a later stage the details of this new feature, but you can already check the Roadmap to what we have planned with the Family Clans.


Church and Faith



Religions, and the Aristotelician Church in particular, have been existing in Renaissance Kingdoms since the beginning of the game and they are one of the departments of the game where the players have been the most creative (creation of a unique dogma, biographies of the saints, various theological squabbles…) while reproducing the hierarchy and complex institutions of the historical Church.

This has always been an exciting part of the game for numerous players interested in robes, mitres and tonsures but also for those interested in History, political struggles as well as players looking for depth and soul-searching for their character.

However, in spite of all this, many players do not take an interest in the religious dimension of the Kingdoms, and having enough priests and bishops has been difficult for a very long time now.

We were not happy with it so we asked ourselves: what can we improve in the religious dimension of Renaissance Kingdoms so that it is as attractive as it should in a medieval game? How can we find a good balance between historicity and the player experience, so that there are new game opportunities thanks to Religion?

Today, we are proud to present an ambitious reform of the Church with new features which will be interesting for all the players. We do not want every player to become a priest, but our goal was to create interesting situations in the game linked to religion for all the players

Just like the new features of the Family Clans, we will give you more details about upcoming new features and will speak with you about them as we’ll read your suggestions, but, in the meantime, you can already check the elements we are thinking about for the church in the Roadmap.

At last, we have a very ambitious plan to massively attract new players, a plan called « Renaissance Kingdoms on Mobile Platforms », but as you are going to see, we are not thinking about a mere port to smartphones and tablets, but rather a lot of new features that all the players, old and new, should enjoy.


Mobile Platforms: a recipe to attract new players



Since 2004, gaming and Internet practices have evolved a lot, and, if we want to keep celebrating each year the anniversary of the Renaissance Kingdoms, so that they keep shining as before, Renaissance Kingdoms must go out and meet potential new players of today and of tomorrow as millions of them are playing and browsing via their mobile phone or tablet.

So, being present on mobile platforms is a necessity to massively draw new players to Renaissance Kingdoms and the oldest members of the community might even see it as a repopulation. 🙂

However, we are convinced that just adapting Renaissance Kingdoms to the mobile platforms is not a magic remedy: this is a mandatory condition but it’s far from being enough.

This is why a new game is in the making, an original game whose codename is « Return to the Kingdoms » (its final name is yet to be unveiled!) and which will be a front door to the universe of Renaissance Kingdoms.
As such, this new game will include:

– An unprecedented system of « in-game Role-playing »: new players will discover the universe of RK by being integrated in storylines where they will interact with other real players like them… In a nutshell, it will be just like a gamebook with a multiplayer aspect.

– A set of simple and attractive minigames, as this is a very popular genre on mobile platforms. What we want is not to add off-topic or anachronistic content to the universe of Renaissance Kingdoms but to offer fun and relaxing challenges to those who’d like to win in-game bonuses while removing the waiting times for the actions of their character. For instance, instead of waiting for two hours the end of your work at the mine, you can replace the waiting time by playing a minigame whose success will give a slight salary and production boosts to the County. Not bad, isn’t it?

And all the current players of Renaissance Kingdoms will be able to link their current account to this app and be able to enjoy those features which will have economical, RP and IG impacts on Renaissance Kingdoms: for instance, most of the new players via mobile may never set foot on the forum, but they will still work in the mine, in their fields and so on.

And it does not matter if most of those players do not visit the forums (that’s not the case of a lot of currents players of RK), as only a small percentage of them will be enough to revitalize the halls and taverns as well as increase the opportunities of role-playing for all the older players!

Just like for the Family Clans and the Church, we’ll unveil more details and we will answer your questions in the coming months.


In order to follow the « Return to the Kingdoms » project

Visit the Roadmap: http://www.renaissancekingdoms.com/roadmap/

Keep in mind that, whenever the roadmap evolves, you will get an in-game notification to let you know about it on the « News » tab of the Village screen.

Like Renaissance Kingdoms Facebook page.

Follow our « Return to the Kingdoms » Twitter account @CelsiusKingdoms :


At last, if you have any question, please feel free to post them in the comments of this article, on Twitter or on our Facebook page.

Have a good week and have fun!

Operation « Feed the Roadmap »

You can suggest new features and improvements that we will implement in the Roadmap. In order to do so, you will have to follow the process we have created for it on the forum.

In order to see how to do your suggestions, please visit the Forum 1, then « International OOC » > « Babel Tower II » > « Comments & Suggestions of Improvements » and then check the topic « Return to the Kingdoms: Feed the Roadmap!« .



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    Non mi piace molto

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    C’era bisogno di novità. ^-^

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    posté le 24 novembre 2016 @ 23 h 00 min

    these updates seem very interesting but…
    one day will you remember also the other two your children as Native Kingdoms and Shogun Kingdoms?

    We’re big fans of these two worlds we are less and less just because you neglected them!
    Maybe your part would be time to make some small effort for us

    As for me, in my small way, I am willing to boycott RK for this reason!

    In « our worlds » there are bugs EVERYWHERE:
    -in the job count in the mine
    -In « universities »
    -in the temples and sanctuaries
    -in armies
    -to healers

    and more…

    it is inconceivable!

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