Celsius online wishes you a happy new year 2017!

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The whole Celsius Online team wishes you a Happy and successful New Year for 2017! May this new year bring many opportunities your way!

In 2016, a new game was born…


Celsius Heroes, an old-school role-playing game with a lot of humor and our first 100% cross-platform game, playable on the web, tablets and mobile devices with the same account. This was also our first game which we developed for mobile devices!

As many of you asked for more adventures, we have created a dungeon and dialogue editor: Celsius Heroes Adventures, a new feature that we proudly presented to you during the Paris Games Week 2016, the biggest Parisian video game event.


What about 2017?

There will be the long-awaited conclusion of Chapter I: Call of Esther

And no, we won’t tell anything about it… Isn’t spoiling a deadly sin these days?

2016 was also a consolidating year for…


In March of History, we were happy to welcome the bulgarian translation of the game and, thanks to the players community, our graphic designer was able to complete the collection of more than 1 000 coats of arms used in-game; the developers were also able to get rid of a number of bugs thanks to the feedback of our strategists/players!

We’ve also introduced some new features about the armies in 2016, such as the martial characters and some interface changes, as well as the release of the « tutorial » solo games which will be the cornerstone for the release of the private games in 2017…

Nos, let’s speak about the hidden part of the iceberg: the tools designed for the game referees have been improved so that it is easier and faster for them to intervene and, during the last semester of 2016, the referees and creators of the game have worked together from the players’ feedback to think about several rule changes which will be released during 2017.

Those changes have only one goal: to improve and make simpler the game experience in March of History while keeping the refinement of this ambitious strategy game.

You’ll know more about the planned improvements in mid-February!


 And finally, we’ve launched a new project in 2016…


With the « Return to the Kingdoms », a new era has begun for the Renaissance Kingdoms, an adventure that you can follow step by step thanks to the Online Roadmap.

Since November, a lot of new features have been added to Renaissance Kingdoms, while we are continually collecting the feedback and suggestions from the players and working on a mobile app which will revolutionalize Role-Play in Renaissance Kingdoms, and which will be a new access for many players to discover Renaissance Kingdoms.

In a nutshell, there’s a lot of fun and happiness to be had in 2017, so… happy new year!


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