Celsius online wishes you a happy new year 2017!

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The whole Celsius Online team wishes you a Happy and successful New Year for 2017! May this new year bring many opportunities your way!

In 2016, a new game was born… (more…)

The « Return to the Kingdoms » project has begun!

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In 2004, We released Renaissance Kingdoms and  today, I’m very glad to tell you more about a new project we announced in January: Return to the Kingdoms.

Return to the Kingdoms is Renaissance Kingdoms’ future. It includes many features, both on web and mobile devices. Some of these features have been released today, and the next ones will be spread out on several months, up to summer 2017.


An Online Roadmap to Keep Track of Upcoming New Features

What’s new is that you’ll be able to follow the state of the development of each feature thanks to an online roadmap. You will find there the schedule of online releases as well as every details about the various features which are in development. This will allow you to keep track of upcoming new features. You’ll also be able to suggest changes and improvements that we will then consider before implementing them in the roadmap, via the operation called « Feed the Roadmap! » (read more about it at the end of the article).


Celsius online will hold court, come and meet us!

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In October and November, you will be able to meet members of Celsius online staff and discover our latest works if you happen to be in France! We have two gatherings:

– The Paris Games week from October 27 to 31.. Here, we will present our games as well as the latest features on Celsius Heroes and future features about the Return to the Kingdoms (we will tell you more about it in november, after the Paris Games Week)
– The 12 years anniversary big party of the Renaissance Kingdoms and Celsius online on Saturday November 26. Players and Game Admins will celebrate this anniversary with various animations during dinner.

See you soon for our next blog entry!

Return to the Kingdoms

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Celsius online wishes you a wonderful new year. May 2016 be beautiful, happy and fun in every way!

In 2015, we have worked a lot on several projects, including Celsius Heroes which is our first cross-platform game (web, Facebook, iOS and Android). It is currently being tested in France and will be released worldwide soon (we’ll keep you posted about it). We have invested a lot of time and effort in this game and we plan to reuse the new technologies and processes we have developed in the near future.


Best wishes for 2015!

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The Celsius online team wishes you a happy new year: may 2015 bring you love, happiness and health in-game as well as in real life!



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